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Winter Symposium


Feb 10, 2022

7:00 AM - 9:00 AM
Cataract Challenges and Controversies

• Moderators: Douglas Koch, MD; Sumit Garg, MD
• Approaching the nanophthalmic cataract – Sumit Garg, MD
• IOL calculations ... how good can we get? – Douglas Koch, MD
• White cataracts - how to stay out of trouble – Nick Mamalis, MD
• Management of cyclodialysis at the time of cataract surgery – Sam Masket, MD
• Exchange, enhance, observe? How to manage the unhappy patient – Zachary Zavodni, MD
• Yamane ISHF - Avoiding Tilt and Decentration – Nicole Fram, MD
• Cataract surgery in the keratoconic eye – Sumitra Khandelwal, MD
• Drug delivery at the time of cataract surgery - what's here and what's coming – Mitchell Weikert, MD
• Cataract Surgery in Patients in Advanced Glaucoma – Sahar Bedrood, MD

9:30 AM - 11:30 AM
Cataract Challenges and Controversies (cont'd)

• Moderators: Nicole Fram, MD; Robert Cionni, MD
• Complex Cataract Surgery: Can I use the capsule? – Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD
• Genius Bar: Biometry – Mitchell Weikert, MD
• Advanced imaging for cataract surgery – Elizabeth Yeu, MD
• Iris suturing - from basic to advanced – Manjool Shah, MD
• Ergonomics and Cataract Surgery – Sam Masket, MD
• Unhappy first eye ... what to do with second eye? – Jeff Pettey, MD
• Toric IOLs - How to nail your outcomes – Douglas Koch, MD
• Sutureless IOL fixation – Zachary Zavodni, MD

5:00 PM – 6:00 PM
Interactive Video Session: Global Ophthalmology

• Moderators: Jeff Pettey, MD; David Crandall, MD
• Phaco vs SICS – Jeff Pettey, MD
• MacGyver MIGS (GATT, Goniotomy) – Ike Ahmed, MD
• MiLoop – David Crandall, MD
• Flange Technique for Single Piece IOL Fixation - Craig Chaya, MD

Feb 11, 2022

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Glaucoma Pearls

• Moderators: Ike Ahmed, MD; David Crandall, MD
• Which MIGS should stand alone? – Ike Ahmed, MD
• Next Generation MIGS – Manjool Shah, MD
• How to Determine Which MIGS Procedure to Use – Kristin Bretz, MD
• Young patients with high IOP and early glaucoma – Sahar Bedrood, MD
• PXF cataract and MIGS – Ike Ahmed, MD
• IOL Selection for Glaucoma patients – Manjool Shah, MD
• Patient with intolerance to all eye drops and high pressure needing multiple MIGS – Sahar Bedrood, MD
• Decision Making in Glaucoma – Tom Samuelson, MD
• Glaucoma and Marijuana – Kristin Bretz, MD
• Glaucoma Case Studies - What is your next move? – Tom Samuelson, MD
• Challenging Case Discussion – David Crandall, MD

9:30 - 11:00 AM
Meeting Refractive Expectations

• Moderators: Nick Mamalis, MD; Douglas Koch, MD
• Drops, drops, drops ... the future of presbyopia correction – Sumit Garg, MD
• New IOLs designs ... are they really coming? – Nick Mamalis, MD
• Trifocal vs EDOF/MTF - how they stack up – Elizabeth Yeu, MD
• Early experience with the LAL - how to incorporate the technology – Nicole Fram, MD
• Enhancement options: LVC, Rotate, or Exchange - Marjan Farid, MD
• Genetic testing - How this impacts refractive surgery – Sumit Garg, MD

4:30 PM – 6:00 PM
Interactive Video Session: Quicksand Chronicles

Moderators: Nicole Fram, MD, Elizabeth Yeu, MD; Robert Cionni, MD

Join us in Park City for the first Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles Live Video Session. In this exciting session, you will hear from world renowned surgeons who will showcase some of their most complicated “quicksand” cases through video analysis. ASCRS’s Ophthalmology Quicksand Chronicles focuses on those pivotal moments that surgeons will inevitably encounter. Drs Fram, Yeu and Cionni will host this session as we invite a number of leading surgeons to reflect upon the nuances and lessons learned from their own surgical experiences and how that ultimately helped them evolve as surgeons.

Feb 12, 2022

7:00 AM – 9:00 AM
Cataract Surgery Basics and Not-So-Basics

• Moderators: Robert Cionni, MD; Sam Masket, MD
• How to perform cataract surgery in "messed up" corneas – Marjan Farid, MD
• Pinhole optics - how does this fit in my practice? – Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD
• Zonulopathy 101 – Manjool Shah, MD
• Phaco platform update – Jeff Pettey, MD
• Presbyopia correcting IOLs in the post-refractive patient – Douglas Koch, MD
• Managing pseudophakic dysphotopsia – Sam Masket, MD
• Optimizing monovision – Mitchell Weikert, MD
• Diagnosis retinal pathology using AI – Susan MacDonald, MD
• TASS - Why does it still happen and how to prevent it – Nick Mamalis, MD
• Vitrectomy - AV vs PPV – David Crandall, MD

9:30 AM – 11:30 AM
Cornea and Ocular Surface Disease

• Moderators: Sumitra Khandelwal, MD; Mitchell Weikert, MD
• Blepharitis -- it's not all MGD – Elizabeth Yeu, MD
• Endothelial dysfunction - DMEK, DSO, and the future – Sumit Garg, MD
• OSD - current management paradigms and future treatment options – Marjan Farid, MD
• Treatment of Neurotrophic Keratitis – Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD
• Dry eye masqueraders – Sumitra Khandelwal, MD
• Keratoconus - current state and looking to the future – Nicole Fram, MD
• DALK for Dummies – Zaina Al-Mohtaseb, MD